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Teaching swimming excellence the Ninja-Swim way!


Your professional swimming school
with over 30 years experience​

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Ken Carstairs, Ninja-Swim 

Ken, an elite full-time professional Swimming Instructor for over 30 years. Ninja-Swim have become well known and respected for our fun and effective approach. Over the span of his swimming coaching career Ken has perfected his own unique teaching method for our swimming lessons which we use with tots, children and adults and pass on to the Ninja-Swim teaching team to ensure lessons are of the highest standard and fun too!

Ninja-Swim focus on water confidence and correct technique from the start to ensure an enjoyable and satisfying experience, resulting in a life-long happy relationship with the water.

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About Ninja-Swim Classes

Ninja-Swim caters to swimmers of all ages (including adults) and experience levels with Ninja-Swim's wide variety of courses. Whether you or your child are a complete beginner or interested in working on a particular facet of your technique, you’ve got many options to choose from. We are very flexible so please get in touch if you have something special you need support with, we are always happy to help and advise. Ninja-Swim is very experienced teaching nervous children and children with additional needs.

Ninja-Swim run classes with no more than 4 children to ensure they receive the best attention and work hard in the session, while still having a fun and social experience.

We can also offer a 1:1 session if this suits your needs.

To book please get in touch with your own and your childs details, and we can assess where they will be best placed to suit their needs and their personality.

From age 3 to Level 5.

This class offers a new and exciting approach to your swimming training. Ninja-Swim teaching method ensures that you or your child learns in the fastest way possible for their needs.​

(£160 for 13 weeks, 30 minutes a session.)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Friday, Saturday

4pm - 7pm

Ninja-Swim Sessions

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Level 5/6/7

*Everlast Gym, Tritton Road, LN6 7QY
A great way to progress your child's swimming ability in a bigger pool. Either to focus on technique or to increase their stamina.

45 min session on Sundays
Enquire for times and costs.

(costs dependent on how many in class)

Swimming Coach
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Looking to brush up your technique or learn to swim - this is the session for you. Don't worry if you are nervous, we are experienced in making you feel confident and relaxed in the water.

45 minutes  focused session

Monday/ Tues/ Friday/ Saturday  6.30pm

One teacher to one pupil - £60

One teacher to two pupils - £40

One teacher to three pupils - £20

Ninja-Swim Adults

People are talking about us!

Ken really is a phenomenel teacher as are all the Ninja-Swim team! His patience and ability to engage with my son kept him engaged and he achieved so much more in his first lesson than he has ever done with other swim schools.  My Grandson has trouble concentrating but Ken kept his attention and he loves swimming now. I would highly recommend Ken and Ninja-Swim. TK.

My daughter was very nervous and usually won't go in the water, but Chris got her in with his charm and kindness and she really enjoyed her lesson. They are not the cheapest but she has progressed so much quicker with Ninja-Swim so it all evens out really. LW

Jonathan has 1:1 lessons with Ken to work on his technique for competitions. He has improved so much working with Ninja-Swim. Ken is able to explain things in a way which motivates him and he makes big improvements very quickly.

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Contact Us

01522 877182 or 07810 720829

Drop Ninja-Swim an email to BOOK and secure your place now.

We teach at

Queens Park Community Hub pool.

South Park, near South Common,
Lincoln LN5 8EW, UK

Thanks for contacting us - we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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